APPS: Check in with AP Families (From School Social Work Team)

Dear AP Families,


We are reaching out to touch base with you again. We are aware that the past 6 months may have been good and bad, we want to check in with you.  


Below is a link for a google form for you to complete.  We are checking in with you to see how you are doing, we have some questions for you to reflect on, about your, your family and your students.   


We care about your needs and your feelings. We will work to keep this information confidential, you can use the resources listed to find help, if needed.


However we will follow up on those who need extra help or support, based on the answers, just ask us to reach out. This is a stressful and difficult time, we are here to help.


Click below:

Check in with Families


Take care,

Allen Park Social Work Team