Board of Education Announcement

 Congratulations to Mr. Michael J. Klein, Mr. Robert Loyd, Mrs. Jeannette MacDonald and Mrs. Julie Sheppard (incumbent), officially becoming members of the Allen Park Board of Education after taking the Oath of Office last evening.

Also on January 14, 2019 the Allen Park Board of Education conducted its annual organizational meeting, selecting the following as 2019 Board Officers:


Mr. Gordon Miller – President

Mr. Michael J. Klein – Vice President of Operations

Mr. Robert Loyd – Vice President of Human Resources

Mrs. Jeannette MacDonald – Vice President of Teaching & Learning

Mr. Rick Moynihan – Vice President of Extra Curricular Issues

Mrs. Julie Sheppard - Secretary

Dr. Jennifer Warren – Treasurer


The insight, concern for the well-being of all students, and professional experiences of these civic-minded individuals will contribute significantly to the Allen Park Public Schools.  We are grateful for their commitment to serve the school community and wish everyone the best of luck as we strive to make this year the very best for children throughout the District.

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