Safety Committee Information


A comprehensive community team that works together to align an approach that focuses on evidence-based school policies and practices for the Whole School, Whole Community, Whole Child to belong safely in the school environment.  



A comprehensive community team that works collaboratively with the community to plan for (prevent, prepare, and implement) the safety needs of our school district.


District Safety Committee Members

Mike Bacile, District Resource Officer

Sandy Bennett, LMSW, Advisor

Dana Brown, School Social Worker

Michelle Calvillo, School Social Worker

Ed Cann, Deputy Chief, APFD

Mike Darga, Superintendent

Patrick Donohue, Principal, APMS

Chris Egan, Chief of Police, APPD

Dr. Janine Hall, Community Member

Michelle Kean, School Social Worker

John Kelley, Principal, APHS

Mike Klein, Board of Education

Sean Laura, Director, APCS & Preschool Program

Kathy Lott, Principal, Lindemann

Sara Metzger, Principal, Bennie

Adam Michalak, Director of Technology

Karen Moran, Assistant Principal, APHS

Lt. Jeff O’Riley, APFD

Kendra Payette-Linn, School Social Worker

Tori Rose, School Social Worker

Meaghan Rourke, District Athletic Trainer

Anthony Sahadi, Principal, Cabrini Primary School

Erica Saville, School Social Worker

Kelly Stetz, Assistant Principal, Cabrini Primary School

Cheryl Szczodrowski, Dean of Students, Cabrini High School

Patrick Ward, Director of Operations

Steve Zielinski, Principal, Arno



Allen Park Public Schools School Safety Drills Requirements

Public Act 12 of 2014 that went into effect on July 1, 2014, revises the number and scheduling of required school safety drills. Ten drills will be required each year:

• Five fire drills per school year. Three of which must take place by December 1.
The other two during the remainder of the school year.
• Two tornado safety drills per school year. One of which must take place in March.
• Three lockdown drills per school year, including security measures appropriate to an emergency "such as the release of hazardous material
or the presence of a potentially dangerous individual on or near the premises." At least one of the drills must take place by December 1 and at least
one after January 1.
• At least one of the drills must be scheduled during lunch, recess, or at another time when a significant number of students are present, but
not in classrooms.
• Drill schedules for each school year must be submitted by September 15.
• Completed safety drills shall be posted on the website within 30 school days after the drill is completed and must be maintained on the
website for 3 years.
• Scheduled drills that are canceled due to severe weather/conditions beyond the control of the school authorities must be rescheduled within
10 days after the canceled drill date.