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2019/2020 Enrollment opens March 4th 2019 for online enrollment

Student Enrollment Information


Online Pre-Enrollment Process for Kindergarten to grade 12


Complete this Online Pre-Enrollment  -  This “pre-enrollment” step sets up an account on our student data system.


(This step does not ensure enrollment.  You will need to fill out the necessary paperwork and bring it, along with the proper documentation required for enrollment, to the Child Accounting Office. )


NOTICE:  Before you pre-enroll please check the district boundary map.  If you do not live in the district boundaries you can apply for school of choice when the window opens (March-April- for next year enrollment).  You will find more information about school of choice on this website.


Required Documents/Forms for Enrollment



 *Other Documents Required

           *Original Birth Certificate

           *Driver’s License of Parent/Guardian (for ID  Purpose only)

           *2 Proof of Residency (examples)

            -Property tax record, Homeowners insurance policy,

             Warranty deed/closing statement,

             Signed rental/lease agreement

            -Shared living agreement- requires residency affidavit

  * Immunization Records

  * Transcripts (HS only)


*Additional documentation you may need:

             -Guardianship Affidavit

             -Landlord Verification of Residency

             -Kindergarten Waiver Request

             -Free and Reduced Price School Meals (info. & app.)

    ***Shared Living Arrangement (Residency Affidavit)

If you live in a residence that is owned by someone other than you or your spouse, you and the homeowner of record will be required to come to the Riley Administrative Offices located at 9601 Vine to sign a residency affidavit. The residency affidavit will then be notarized at the Riley Office.


If you live in a residence that is currently being rented by someone other than you or your spouse, you will need to provide a rental or lease agreement with all persons living in the dwelling (you and your children included) clearly listed on the lease. The lease must have all the contact information for the homeowner for verification purposes.  Upon verification of the lease documentation, you and the lessee of the property will be required to come to the Riley Administrative Office to complete the residency affidavit. (The residence must be registered with the City of Allen Park as a rental.  If it is not the application for registration will be denied).


For the Parent – the affidavit you will be asked to sign states that you reside in someone else’s residence, that you have no other residence and that you agree to notify the school immediately if you should move. The parent must provide two pieces of first class mail they receive at this residence, addressed to the parent only, not in care of the homeowner. These can include bank statement, car payment, car insurance, cellular bill, credit card bill, etc., or forwarded mail. The following will not be accepted as proof of residency: driver’s license, Michigan ID, or voter registration.


For the Homeowner or Lessee – the affidavit you will be asked to sign states that the parent that is seeking enrollment resides in your residence with their child or children and that falsifying this information could result in criminal penalties for perjury. The homeowner must provide a property tax statement and recent utility bill. The lessee must provide the lease agreement and utility bill in their name Because the residency affidavit must be signed and notarized, you will be required to provide picture identification with other listed documentation at the board office.


Allen Park Administrative Offices
9601 Vine
Allen Park MI 48101
Kathy Andrews,  Enrollment
313 827-1154

Office Hours
7:30 am - 4:00 pm