Schools of Choice Information

Schools of Choice Information

2020-2021 School of Choice Applications CLOSED


School of Choice (SOC) Timeline 2021-22:

TBD = The school board will determine, at the March 9th board meeting, whether we will accept school of choice for the 2021-22 school year.  Dates will be available on our website,, March 15, 2021.

**Application window to apply: 3 weeks in April, TBD. (Not First Come, First Serve)

**Current SOC siblings’ parents will be contacted by TBD.

**Random Lottery- TBD.

**Lottery numbered positions- Inform parents byTBD.

**SOC positions offered until the end of first week of school 2021-22, Sept. 10, 2021.


Current School of Choice Families:


The state allows districts to give preference to current school of choice siblings.  After the application window closes, we will assess our enrollment numbers. If we have enough openings in the grade level for each applicant we will contact you to let you know you can complete the enrollment process.  If we have more sibling applicants in a grade level than we have openings there will be a lottery held for just those siblings.  Parents will be contacted with your students wait list number at that time.  As openings are determined, we will pull from the sibling wait list before the new family wait list.


New School of Choice Families:


A random lottery will be held on TBD.  A wait list will be generated for each grade level.  You will be contacted by email and/or phone call by TBD, as to your student's position (number) on the waitlist.  As enrollment numbers are assessed throughout the summer we will fill openings from the waitlist.  The state allows districts to offer a school of choice opening up until the end of the first week of the 2021-22 school year, Sept. 10, 2021.



Should I enroll my student in my district of residence?


Yes, we suggest that you do enroll your student in your district of residence in the event that you are not offered a SOC position in APPS.  This way you will be sure to get all the correspondence from that district.


Do students, who have attended APPS but have moved out of the district, receive preference in the SOC application process?


No, the state does not allow us to give preference to students who have attended APPS but have moved out of the district.  You will be considered a "New" school of choice family thus being placed on the waitlist for new families.


What happens if one of my students gets accepted but the other(s) do not?


The student who has been offered a SOC opening can enroll in the district.  Your other students would then need to attend your school of residence.  You can apply for SOC in the next school year and your students would be given preference, if openings exist, over new SOC families.  This is not a guarantee of enrollment for the following year for siblings.


Other questions can be emailed to